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Stackable Cribbing Blocks optimise safety when stabilising heavy loads after they have been lifted for maintenance and access. 

Unlike wood, our plastic cribbing blocks offer a stable, predictable and high load bearing capacity that ultimately deforms only slowly under extreme load. Safety is a major driver in the switch away from old-fashioned wooden blocks, which audibly crack under high loads.  Environmental issues and the simple economics of paying a little more for a MAXSafe cribbing block with a 50-year warranty are strong incentives for change.
Stackable Cribbing Blocks will not splinter and do not absorb most fluids.  The system is also easily customised into specific shapes to create ramps and irregular cribbing stacks. 

Stackable Cribbing Blocks are manufactured from recycled HDPE using repeatable plastic formulation, repeatable manufacturing process, and consistent quality control.  In addition to manufacturing and independent testing, products have been tested under the guidance of AS1170 to obtain the Working Load Limits (WLL) capabilities.  Working load limits shown on the product pages represent the products Working Load Limit capabilities at an atmosphere temperature of 25 degrees Celsius.  
Accumax Global offers a wide range of Stackable Cribbing Blocks, including; Rectangular, Square, Interlocking, and Slab Stackable Cribbing Blocks.

Why Accumax’s Stackable Cribbing Blocks?

✔ FAST DELIVERY – We have a large stock of Stackable Cribbing Blocks ready for immediate dispatch.
INDUSTRY-BEST QUALITY – Manufactured by ISO accredited Australian companies to meet or exceed Australian standards and compliances.
MARKET DRIVEN – Our Stackable Cribbing Blocks have been developed in close consultation with industry leaders to ensure maximum functionality, durability and ease of use.
100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – Our Stackable Cribbing Blocks have been tried, tested and field-proven to ensure they work task after task, year after year.
SAFETY – Reliable, heavy-duty Stackable Cribbing Blocks play an essential role on site in preventing accidents. All of our safety equipment products are engineer-certified where applicable.

Order online. We deliver Stackable Cribbing Blocks and workshop products anywhere, fast. No site too remote.
Call 08 9350 8111 to talk to an expert in wheel chocks and workshop products.
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Rectangular Stackable Cribbing Blocks
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Square Stackable Cribbing Blocks
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Interlocking Stackable Cribbing Blocks
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Slab Stackable Cribbing Blocks
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Service Locations
We are able to deliver Stackable Cribbing Blocks to all states, regions, cities and towns across Australia, including:
✔ Stackable Cribbing Blocks in Sydney
✔ Stackable Cribbing Blocks in Melbourne
✔ Stackable Cribbing Blocks in Brisbane
✔ Stackable Cribbing Blocks in Perth
✔ Stackable Cribbing Blocks in Adelaide
✔ Stackable Cribbing Blocks in Darwin
✔ Stackable Cribbing Blocks in Canberra
✔ Stackable Cribbing Blocks in Hobart
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