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Erosion/Silt/Sediment Control

Our highly effective and easily deployed Erosion, Silt, & Sediment Control products prevent building site run-offs from reaching waterways. These simple yet ingenious solutions help control all silt and sediments including sand, soil and cement.

The range includes Silt Sock for temporarily managing water flow and directing sediment-laden water into sediment traps. We also stock Silt Fence - a robust, long-lasting solution for trapping coarse sediments and capturing and ponding water during a storm. This silt/sediment & erosion control product is ideal for flanking exposed soils or bordering entire construction sites.

Why Accumax’s Silt/Sediment & Erosion Control Products?

✔ FAST DELIVERY – we have excellent stocks of Silt/Sediment & Erosion Control Products ready for immediate dispatch.
✔ INDUSTRY-BEST QUALITY – Accumax have partnered with leading suppliers of Silt/Sediment & Erosion Control Products to bring you industry-best solutions.
✔ MARKET DRIVEN – our Silt/Sediment & Erosion Control Products have been developed in close consultation with clients in diverse industries to ensure superior performance and easy of use.
✔ SAFETY – Silt/Sediment & Erosion Control Products are essential for site safety and protecting the environment. All of our safety equipment products are engineer-certified where applicable.
✔ OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE – our people are experts in Silt/Sediment & Erosion Control and have an excellent knowledge of industry needs. Expect quick and informed responses to your queries.

Order online. We deliver Silt/Sediment & Erosion Control Products anywhere, fast. No site too remote.
Call 08 9350 8111 to talk to a Silt/Sediment & Erosion Control expert.

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Silt Sock
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Silt Fence Roll
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Silt Warden
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Erosion Mat - Jute Mesh
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Coir Logs
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Service Locations
We are able to provide Silt/Sediment & Erosion Control Solutions to all states, regions, cities and towns across Australia, including:

✔ Silt/Sediment & Erosion Control Solutions in Sydney
✔ Silt/Sediment & Erosion Control Solutions in Melbourne
✔ Silt/Sediment & Erosion Control Solutions in Brisbane
✔ Silt/Sediment & Erosion Control Solutions in Perth
✔ Silt/Sediment & Erosion Control Solutions in Adelaide
✔ Silt/Sediment & Erosion Control Solutions in Darwin
✔ Silt/Sediment & Erosion Control Solutions in Canberra
✔ Silt/Sediment & Erosion Control Solutions in Hobart
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