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Hazchem Signs

Hazchem Signs are required at any workplace that stores hazardous chemicals over a certain quantity. According to Australian Standards, an outer HAZCHEM sign must be displayed at every entrance and exit to your workplace.
Accumax Global supply a range of Hazchem Signs, available in metal, polypropylene, and self-adhesive stickers. We also offer blank information placards allowing you to customise them to your needs.
To ensure your workplace is safe in case of emergency, it is essential to properly label all hazardous chemicals. Emergency responders use these signs to identify the risk level and which actions to take. We supply a range of Hazchem signs, including Explosive, Flammable Liquid, Corrosive, and many more.

Why Accumax Hazchem Signs?

✔ SAFETY – Our safety products comply with all AS Standards and are made to withstand tough conditions such as heat.
✔ INDUSTRY-BEST DESIGN AND MANUFACTURE – We only supply products that are manufactured by Australian and ISO accredited suppliers.
✔ FAST DELIVERY – We have a large quantity of hazchem signs ready for immediate dispatch on demand.
✔OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE – Our people are experts in safety signs. They also have an excellent knowledge of industry needs. Expect quick and informed responses to your queries every time.
✔ 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – Our safety signs have been rigorously tested and proven to perform under challenging conditions.
Order online. We deliver Hazchem Signs anywhere, fast. No site too remote.

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HAZ103M / HAZ103P Sign Code HAZ103 - Hazchem In Emergency Dial 000, Police or Fire Brigade
Retail Price : $0.00 More Info
HAZ101M / HAZ101P Sign Code HAZ101 - HAZCHEM
Retail Price : $0.00 More Info
Sign Code HAZ102A-M Four Standard Hazchem Pictos
Retail Price : $0.00 More Info
Sign Code HAZ102AM - Four Hazchem Pictos
Retail Price : $39.60 More Info
Sign Code HAZ102BM - 8 Hazchem Pictos
Retail Price : $42.90 More Info
HAZ105A / HAZ105M Sign Code H0AZ105 - Blank
Retail Price : $0.00 More Info
HAZ104A / HAZ104M Sign Code HAZ104 - Blank
Retail Price : $0.00 More Info
Sign Code HL101 - Explosive 1
Retail Price : $0.00 More Info
Sign Code HL102.1 - Flammable Gas 2
Retail Price : $0.00 More Info
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Service Locations

We are able to deliver Hazchem Signs to all states, regions, cities and towns across Australia, including:

Hazchem Signs in Sydney
Hazchem Signs in Melbourne
Hazchem Signs in Brisbane
Hazchem Signs in Perth
Hazchem Signs in Adelaide
Hazchem Signs in Darwin
Hazchem Signs in Canberra
Hazchem Signs in Hobart
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