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Explosive Storage Cabinets

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Specialised needs require a specialised storage cabinet. We offer our clients Explosive Storage Cabinetsfor the storage of substances which may be explosive and hazardous. These cabinets help to control the risk of explosive and contain it as much as possible if the worst does occur.
Our particular Explosive Storage Cabinet is designed to withstand hard conditions with heavy duty construction, restricted security access, timber lining, and safety signage.
If you’d like to ensure that your workplace has the necessary explosivestorage cabinets, view our range of quality products below.

Why an Accumax’sExplosive Storage Cabinet?
FAST DELIVERY – we have a large quantity of explosive storage cabinets ready for immediate dispatch.
EXPERTISE AND EXPERIENCE – Accumax supplies explosive storage cabinetsto some of the biggest high-risk sites in mining and manufacturing. Our people have excellent knowledge of your industry needs and you can expect a quick and informed response to any query.
SAFETY – our safety equipment productscomply with all AS Standards and are manufactured to withstand the toughest of conditions.
INDUSTRY-BEST QUALITY – Accumax has partnered with world class manufacturer’s to bring you industry-best solutions. We only supply products that are manufactured by Australian and international ISO accredited suppliers which ensures consistent supply.
Order online. We deliver explosive storage cabinets anywhere, fast. No site too remote. 
Call 08 9350 8111 to talk to an expert in explosive storage cabinetsnow.

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Explosive Storage Cabinet
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Service Locations
We are able to deliver Explosive Storage Cabinet to all states, regions, cities and towns across Australia, including:

✔ Explosive Storage Cabinet in Sydney
✔ Explosive Storage Cabinet in Melbourne
✔ Explosive Storage Cabinet in Brisbane
✔ Explosive Storage Cabinet in Perth
✔ Explosive Storage Cabinet in Adelaide
✔ Explosive Storage Cabinet in Darwin
✔ Explosive Storage Cabinet in Canberra
✔ Explosive Storage Cabinet in Hobart

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