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Welcome to Accumax Global

Here at Accumax, your safety is our primary concern. We strive to help businesses and individuals better understand and prevent risk. Industries that we service include Civil, Industrial, Mining, Construction, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Defense, Public Facilities and Marine.

We pride ourselves on our responsive customer service, unique products and our ability to adapt to any specialist requirement, big or small.

Our Capability

We provide safety & environmental products and our work often includes consulting and custom manufacturing. Our range spans ten main categories:

Mobile Access Platforms

Our work-class Heavy Duty Access Platforms are in use on many industrial and mine sites globally. The allow for safe access to all types of machinery and fixed plant.

Safety Signs and Traffic Management

A comprehensive range of Safety Signage and related products to ensure your site is compliant.

Bunded Pallets

Our extensive range of Australian made Bunded Pallets cost effectively covers most applications where containment is the prime concern.

Lockout / Tagout

Our Lockout / Tagout range has been carefully compiled utilizing leading global manufacturers and in conjunction with innovative specialists in the field.

Spill Kits & Spill Control

Providing emergency spill response products and absorbents for responding to and cleaning up all types of spills.

Wheel Chocks & Workshop Safety

Field tested and proven products to enhance safety in the workshop and on site.

Dangerous Goods Storage

Our Dangerous Goods Storage Units are purpose-built for easy and efficient storage of all DG classes on Australian sites.

Fixed Access Platforms

A cost effective, safe and permanent way to access fixed plant.

Custom Signs, Decals & Adhesives

We have our own in-house design team and the capability to produce any type of custom signage.

Workplace & Site Safety

Essential products to ensure the safety of your workplace or site with an excellent record for performance, reliability and durability.

Award Winning Products, Custom Designed to your Needs

We thoroughly test each and every product to ensure that they are functional, durable, simple to use and compliant with relevant standards. We research, learn and network, to bring you the best possible product or solution to your specific requirements.

Some of Our Satisfied Clients

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  • Phone: 1300 222 862
  • Email: sales@accumax.com.au
  • Address: Oakdale Industrial Estate
  • Horsley Park NSW 2175
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