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Plug Lockout / Pneumatic Lockouts

Much like the Plug Lockout, the Plug Lockout Box and Pneumatic Lockouts prevent electrical plugs from being inserted into a wall outlet.
The Plug Lockout Boxes are made of durable polypropylene ensuring strength and resistance to any tampering. The Pneumatic Lockouts are made from Stainless Steel, making them strong, durable, and resistant to corrosion.
Accumax Global offer the small and large Plug Lockout Boxes along with the small and large Pneumatic Lockout Boxes. Also available is the Pneumatic Lockout, which provides multiple sized holes for different sized hoses. 

All prices include GST.

Small Pneumatic LockoutLarge Pneumatic LockoutSmall Plug Lockout - Premier
MAX-PLB01Small Pneumatic LockoutRetail Price : $17.38MAX-PLB02Large Pneumatic LockoutRetail Price : $25.19MAX-PLG01Small Plug Lockout - PremierRetail Price : $16.39
Large Plug lockout - Premier
MAX-PLG02Large Plug lockout - PremierRetail Price : $26.51

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