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Lockout Hasps

Lockout Hasps are designed to allow multiple lockout padlocks to be used when isolating one energy source. The hasp is threaded thru the isolating point and closed. Each worker doing the maintenance/service work attaches their padlock thru the holes on the hasp and secures it in place.

The lockout hasp is a tamper-proof way of ensuring worker safety, as the energy source cannot be restarted until the hasp is removed. All of our lockout hasps can accommodate multiple padlocks with 7 Hole, 8 Hole, 12 Hole, and24 Hole Standard Hasps available to ensure maximum safety and security.
Accumax Global stocks a full range of lockout hasps, with different sizes, colours, and styles to suit any application. We can also customize to specific requirements – MOQ’s apply.

All prices include GST.

Lockwood 312 Lockout Hasp - 35mmVinyl Coated Hasp - Red - 25mm - 6 HoleFlexible Lockout Electric Hasp, 3mm Hole, 3mm Shackle Thickness, 45mm Clearance
AM-312HASPLockwood 312 Lockout Hasp - 35mmRetail Price : $54.51VINYL COATED HASPSRetail Price : $9.08MAX-LKH014Flexible Lockout Electric Hasp, 3mm Hole, 3mm Shackle Thickness, 45mm ClearanceRetail Price : $7.32
Stainless Steel Tamper Proof Hasp- Red-  7 HoleYellow 4 Hole Lockout Hasp- 3mm Shackle

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