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Eyewash and Shower Signs

Emergency Eyewash & Shower Signs are required when Emergency Safety Showers & Eyewash Stations are in place. Clearly highlighting the location of these stations in the case of an emergency
All of our Eyewash & Shower Signs are available in multiple sizes as metal, polypropylene, or self-adhesive signs. High quality and durable, our signs are made to last in even the harshest conditions.
We provide Emergency Shower, Eyewash and wall mounted Shower and Eyewash signs to cover all of your needs.

All prices include GST.

Sign, 240 x 180mm, S/A - Emergency ShowerSign, 225 x 225mm, Poly - Emergency ShowerSign, 240 x 180mm, S/A Emergency Eye Wash
EMERGENCY SHOWER SIGNRetail Price : $13.75505OWPSign, 225 x 225mm, Poly - Emergency ShowerRetail Price : $28.60EMERGENCY EYE WASH SIGNRetail Price : $13.75
Sign, 225 x 225mm, Poly - Emergency Eye WashS/A, 240 x 180 - Emergency Shower / Eyewash
506OWPSign, 225 x 225mm, Poly - Emergency Eye WashRetail Price : $28.60EMERGENCY SHOWER & EYEWASH SIGNRetail Price : $13.75

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