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Scaffold Inspection Tags

Our newly developed and commissioned MAXSafe Scaffold Inspection Tag has been designed with input from leading industry veterans with a view to simplifying the whole Scaffold Tag process.

Our MAXSafe Scaffold Inspection Tags are:
- Ultra tough poly construction, virtually untearable 
- Scaffolder Friendly, All in one Scaff Tag
- Meets and exceeds AS standards 
- Clear message; Green for Go and Red for Stop 
- Extremely versatile - no limits on where or how to hang it 
- Cost effective and re-usable 
- Total message on one page 
- Clear everyone who accesses scaffold – not just scaffolders 
- High wind resistance & Impervious to dust, dirt and grime

Suitable for all industries including: Oil & Gas, Mining, Offshore, Infrastructure, Maintenance & Shutdowns, Events & Arenas, and Construction.  

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The Simple 3 Step Process in 1 Tag

Step 1 - Installation:
Fix your MAXSafe Scaffold Tag to the most visible place on the scaffold and access will be clearly and concisely prohibited while installation is in progress.

Step 2 - Certification:
For Certification of Scaffold, simply fold tag to the next stage and clip in the tabs to show that the scaffold has been certified and can be accessed.

Step 3 - Modification/Dismantling:
For dismantling or modification, simply fold the tag back to Step 1, which will alert all users that the scaffold may not be accessed. The tag does not have to be removed in order to be folded back.

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