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SAFEBarrier System

SAFEBarrier System
SAFEBarrier System

Our SAFEBarrier System is the ideal way to protect employees and company assets from falling objects dropped from overhead walkways. 

Designed to be flexible, versatile and fully customisable, our SAFEBarrier System can be installed on any walkway in any situation.

Our SAFEBarrier System has undergone rigorous external wind tunnel testing to measure the drag and aerodynamic shape factor values of the barrier while attached to a standard handrail, as well as the strength of the panel connectors. Through this testing, it was shown that the SAFEBarrier System complies to AS1170.2 and can withstand 1.8kPa of pressure, which translates to 180kpa/110mph winds. Our SAFEBarrier System is also chemical resistant, UV stabilised and environmentally friendly.

We offer installation training for your employees, or installation can be carried out by our installation technicians. Workplace measure-ups by our experienced technicians can be arranged to ensure your safety requirements are fulfilled.

Call us on 1300 222 862 or email us at sales@accumax.com.au to find out more.

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