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Safety Steps

For every job on-site that needs a platform, there are another 20 tasks that just need a simple sturdy Safety Step. Our compact and stable Safety Steps are designed to help workers reach up to places that don’t require a platform or ladder - just a step or two.

Each unit has non-slip steps and a platform wide enough for standing on two feet in work boots. Strong and durable yet lightweight, our Safety Steps are easy to carry and store.

All prices include GST.

Little Giant Aluminium Safety Step - 2 StepLittle Giant Aluminium Safety Step - 3 StepLittle Giant Aluminium Safety Step - 4 Step
Aluminium Safety Step with Handrail - 2 Step 
- Top Step Height 550mm
- SWL 150kgMAXSafe Super Safety StepSafety Step - Orange
MAX-SSAluminium Safety Step with Handrail - 2 Step - Top Step Height 550mm - SWL 150kgYour Price : $437.80MAX-SSSMAXSafe Super Safety StepRSPL400Safety Step - OrangeYour Price : $132.00
Safety Step - Rectangular 2 Step - YellowAlloy Safety Step
 - With Rubber Feet
RSPL600Safety Step - Rectangular 2 Step - YellowYour Price : $299.20VRS-ASAlloy Safety Step - With Rubber FeetYour Price : $418.83

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