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Custom Access Platforms

Custom Access Platforms
Custom Access Platforms

Accumax is a leader in providing Custom Access Platforms to suit your exact requirements. In the ever-changing world of servicing mobile machinery, having safe and compliant access platforms is a must. 

We understand that a product "out of a box" is not always suitable, and we will work with you to promote safe working practices on your site by developing a solution that suits your tasks. 

With our extensive industry knowledge, in-house design team, and our on-site consulting, we will get you to the right height on time and on budget. 

Call us on 1300 222 862 or email us at sales@accumax.com.au to find out more.

Custom_Access_Platforms_Mobile_Access_Platforms.pngCustom Access Platforms 1.pngCustom Access Platforms 2.pngCustom Access Platforms 3.pngCustom Access Platforms 4.pngCustom Access Platforms 5.pngCustom Access Platforms 6.pngCustom Access Platforms 7.pngCustom Access Platforms 8.pngPlatform1.pngPlatform2.png

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  • Phone: 1300 222 862
  • Email: sales@accumax.com.au
  • Address: Oakdale Industrial Estate
  • Horsley Park NSW 2175
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